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I've been browsing your gallery, and the fact that you drew every single character separately is living proof of how much effort you've...

The Original 12 are Nintendo's answer to the Avengers in my book. They're all heroes in their respective continuities and they've been ...

Your comment that perfection doesn't exist is a commendable philosophy to have. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone f...

Wolves have been shown by some artists as majestic animals which are more than just sharp toothed, bloodthirsty predators that eat ever...

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Redtop and Small J: Friends For Decades by Redtop1995 Redtop and Small J: Friends For Decades :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 3 0 Obese Bunny by Smallj85 by Redtop1995 Obese Bunny by Smallj85 :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 17 7 He is green, after all by Redtop1995 He is green, after all :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 24 5 Cracked like an Easter Egg by Redtop1995 Cracked like an Easter Egg :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 20 6 The Plucky Duck Comic: Pilot Issue, Page 19 by Redtop1995 The Plucky Duck Comic: Pilot Issue, Page 19 :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 5 1 The Plucky Duck Comic: Pilot Issue, Page 18 by Redtop1995 The Plucky Duck Comic: Pilot Issue, Page 18 :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 5 0 Love is Everywhere: Variant 3 by Redtop1995 Love is Everywhere: Variant 3 :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 2 0 Love is Everywhere: Variant 2 by Redtop1995 Love is Everywhere: Variant 2 :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 9 0 Love is Everywhere: Variant 1 by Redtop1995 Love is Everywhere: Variant 1 :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 13 1 Love is Everywhere by Redtop1995 Love is Everywhere :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 13 3
The Plucky Duck Show: Episode 18D
We cut to the unknown room.
Monty: (Offscreen, angrily, to Julie) Try not ta blow my cover, you airheaded bimbo! 
Julie: (Offscreen, defensively) Hey, I’m not good at ad-libbing! I’m just sayin’ what you write down! When’re you gonna let me go back to my show? 
Monty: (Offscreen) When we get some adequate footage of these losers! 
On the screen, we see green musk billow and engulf the camera. 
Grovely: (Offscreen) Master Monty? 
Julie: (Offscreen, protesting) But neither of them are co-operating! 
Monty: (Offscreen, angrily) Then you’ll just hafta stay here forever! 
Julie: (Offscreen, outraged) You can’t do this to me! I’m rich! 
Monty: (Offscreen, angrily) I’m richer! 
On the screen, the musk cloud clears, and the room is empty. Then, the bedroom door opens seemingly of its own accord. 
Grovely: (O
:iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 0 0
The Plucky Duck Show: Episode 18C
Act Five
Fifi and Hamton scamper into a cosy looking bedroom and slam the door behind them, locking it. 
Fifi: (Amorously) Oh, mon Conniechon, we are alone at last. Whisper sweet nothings in ma ear.
Hamton scratches his head and then whispers in her ear. 
Hamton: (Whispering) Cottleston, Cottleston, Cottleston Pie. A fly can’t bird, but a bird can fly. Ask me a riddle and I reply: Cottleston, Cottleston, Cottleston Pie.
Fifi looks at him, nonplussed. 
Hamton: (Chuckles sheepishly) I still need ta get the hang of that. 
Smirking, Fifi suddenly pounces on him and they both fall offscreen. We cut to the upstairs corridor, where Plucky is looking for Shirley
Plucky: (Madly) Where’s Shirl? I want Shirl? I have urges! 
Shirley: (Sultrily) Oh, Pl-uuuuucky…
The camera pans over to a
:iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 0 0
The Plucky Duck Show: Episode 18B
Act Three
There is a loud clap of thunder accompanied by a white light. Fifi and Hamton wander amongst the trees, looking wet, cold and miserable. Fifi has her tail completely wrapped around her shapely body like a blanket. Hamton’s new set of overalls (that look the same as the originals) keep filling up with water and he has to pull them up to allow the rainwater to drain out of the legs. 
Fifi: (Shivers) Oh, Hamtone. We’re lost et alone… chilled to ze bone…
Hamton: (Sings) Silver Lady… 
Fifi looks at him, unimpressed. 
Hamton: (Sighs) Just tryin’ ta lighten the otherwise bleak mood. 
He looks up and does a double take. 
Hamton: (Shouts, pointing) Look! 
We pan over to a rather pleasant looking cabin accompanied by a thunderclap. Fifi excitedly claps her hands. 
Fifi: (
:iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 0 0
The Plucky Duck Show: Episode 18A

Episode 18

Sweater Shore

Act One
There is a clap of thunder and the screen briefly turns white the view of a forest in a rainstorm appears. The branches shake in the wind, causing rainwater and leaves to fall from them. The quintet walk amongst the trees. Plucky and Shirley splash and play in puddles. 
Plucky: (To the camera) We’re ducks. Sue us! 
Shirley: (Correcting) Like, nuh-uh. I’m a loon. 
Plucky: (Perplexed) Really? You don’t look like one. 
Cypress: (Shivering) How much farther are we to Burbank?
Fifi: (To Cypress) Un petit steps more zan ze last time vous asked! (Rolls her eyes) Sacré bleu. (To the camera) Et to think zat she eez ze adult ‘ere. 
Hamton is consulting a map that is trying to blow away. He is also holding onto an umbrella. 
Hamton: (Musing) According
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Merry Christmas, Furball! by Redtop1995 Merry Christmas, Furball! :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 14 1 Second Bananas make lousy Turkies by Redtop1995 Second Bananas make lousy Turkies :iconredtop1995:Redtop1995 44 15


Tickle Tickle by Smallj1985 Tickle Tickle :iconsmallj1985:Smallj1985 5 1 Hamton and Fifi kiss by 05jstone Hamton and Fifi kiss :icon05jstone:05jstone 12 4 Minerva Balloon Comic by puffedcheekedblower Minerva Balloon Comic :iconpuffedcheekedblower:puffedcheekedblower 20 46
The Christmas Gift - Ch.27
The quest for love and perfume continues!  December 24th is getting closer and closer.  How far will Hamton go to make Fifi happy?
Here's the link to Chapter 27 of my ongoing fanfic.
Edited by Redtop1995 :iconRedtop1995:.  Thanks for all your help, my friend!
:iconscholar57:Scholar57 2 0
Avast Ye! [Commission] by ConnorDavidson Avast Ye! [Commission] :iconconnordavidson:ConnorDavidson 40 8 Smash Bros 2018 by Zombie-Graves Smash Bros 2018 :iconzombie-graves:Zombie-Graves 2,590 152 Must be Nice, Not to be Single. by Smallj1985 Must be Nice, Not to be Single. :iconsmallj1985:Smallj1985 7 1 Shrekrulez Birthday 2018: Tiny Toons by SHREKRULEZ Shrekrulez Birthday 2018: Tiny Toons :iconshrekrulez:SHREKRULEZ 28 24
Nintendo Cinematic Universe: A Kirby Movie!
Finally, after an extended wait, :iconrealshow: and I present you with a continuation of our Nintendo Cinematic Universe plot synopses.
Plot Synopsis for Kirby and the Conquest of Dreams
(The original title was Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, but I did delegate developing most of this movie idea to him, so he gets the vote.  Plus, the following borrows elements from the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, but we're Realshow and Colonel Knight Rider, and no Nintendo purist nazis can stop us from putting original twists on video game film adaptations, especially since our work is non-canon!)
At the Fountain of Dreams, an ancient temple located high above the kingdom of Dream Land on the planet Pop Star, sits the Star Rod, a magical artifact that grants people the ability to dream, protects their sanity, and can be used to destroy pure darkness.  As the temple clock strikes midnight, an overweight, anthropo
:iconcolonel-knight-rider:Colonel-Knight-Rider 4 2
luigi LR by Frakkasse luigi LR :iconfrakkasse:Frakkasse 13 0 Super Smash Bros by ivooo Super Smash Bros :iconivooo:ivooo 58 30
The Christmas Gift - Ch.26
The date continues.  Dialogue, sparkly scenes, and all the fluff you'd expect (including one VERY fluffy tail). ;-)
Here's the Link to the next chapter.
Thanks again to Redtop1955 :iconRedtop1995: for his editing.
:iconscholar57:Scholar57 2 0
The Christmas Gift - Ch. 25
Next chapter is also here.
By clicking here, you'll be taken right to  Enjoy it, I hope.
Thanks again goes to Redtop1995 :iconRedtop1995: for editing the chapter.
:iconscholar57:Scholar57 2 0
The Christmas Gift - Ch.24
Hamton's survived Monty's Mansion, but will he make it through something even more important: his date with Fifi?
Newest chapter can be read right here.  Enjoy.
Editing done by Redtop1995 :iconRedtop1995:.
:iconscholar57:Scholar57 2 0
Mink in Towel by joaoppereiraus Mink in Towel :iconjoaoppereiraus:joaoppereiraus 234 43
The Christmas Gift - Ch.23
The next chapter is also here.  Hamton's halfway through this job, but can he make it to the end?  Find out!
Here's the Link.
Also, thanks goes to Redtop1995 :iconRedtop1995: for editing the chapter.
:iconscholar57:Scholar57 3 0



Redtop and Small J: Friends For Decades
Well, Redtop and Small J,
they hang out ev'ryday,
and Redtop and Small J,
it's always been that way.

Been that way!

For their designs have changed
to keep with the times,
but their friendship has stuck, 
Gosh, it’s hard to make rhymes!

Art by :iconsmallj1985:

Song inspired by Cuphead.…
Obese Bunny by Smallj85
Okay, you’re probably asking yourself: what am I looking at? Plucky is forcefeeding Babs a crap-ton of pancakes until she's incredibly fat and inevitably bursts or is violently sick. 

Well, believe it or not, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Babs and Furball were shooting a skit where they would eat at a cafe and talk about what they watched on TV. Babs had seen a documentary about the South Pacific Islands.

While they talked, the waiter (played by everyone’s favourite second banana: Plucky) was supposed to serve Babs her order of pancakes and leave. But, for some reason, Plucky decided to sabotage the show. 

Spielberg wonders what went wrong, Yakko and Wakko are entertained by the spectacle, and Shirley, Fifi, Hamton and Furball know that it’s not gonna be pretty. 

Art by :iconsmallj1985:
27 deviations
I was watching the reveal trailer for Rosalina and I was given an idea for another character.…

What do you think of Granny being a playable character? She represents The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, similarly to how Taz represents Taz-Mania. She'd play similarly to Rosalina, utilising Sylvester, Tweety and Hector in her moveset. 

I already have two "Ice Climbers" characters in the form of Yakko, Wakko and Dot and Tom & Jerry so I think one more wouldn't hurt.

Let me know what you think.


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Danny Palin
United Kingdom

My name's Redtop1995, or Redtop for short. I don't know where I got that name from. It's probably because I can often be seen wearing a red top. I'm the a fan of Warnet Bros cartoons, but Tiny Toon Adventures has always been a particular favourite of mine.

I'm the writer of Fleche De Lard and The Plucky Duck Show, so be sure to check them out if you ever have the time.


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